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Petroleum Production Information

Independent international petroleum consultants, estimate the company’s total proved and probable hydrocarbon reserves (2P, international SPE-PRMS* standards, including production through joint ventures** at 2.78 billion tonnes of oil equivalent (btoe). The company has enough proved hydrocarbon reserves to years ago. Total hydrocarbon production (89.8 mtoe) was offset by new reserves in the order of 170 percent. Key positive factors allowing the company to expand its resource base include the further improvement of geological prospecting and production drilling technologies, and the implementation of a dynamic ranking system, applied to all opportunities for organic and inorganic development.

Successful Complete Supply Products:

Since the beginning of the production program in accordance with the terms of the Contract, the production of additional oil amounted to 180.2 thousand tons, two crews of cattle made a total of 63 repairs on 40 wells, mainly from among the wells of the inactive Fund and the Fund awaiting physical liquidation. GNO-32 wells have been completed, of which 26 wells are in operation, providing additional daily production.

  • Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade “54” & Jet A-1
  • Virgin D6 Fuel Oil
  • Diesel Gasoil L-0.2-62 (Gost 305-82) [D2]
  • High Speed Diesel Euro 4 Grade (Gasoline)
  • Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel (En590)
  • Mazut M100
  • Petcoke
  • Bitumen

Oil and Gas Processing

Miak Nafta Refinery processes gas and natural gas liquids at Miak Nafta Refinery gas processing plants (GPPs) in Russia Federation, and the production data are stated net of the produced commercial petroleum products supplied to the entities within the Group for further processing. The Group’s gas processing plants process the associated petroleum gas produced by Miak Nafta Refinery into liquid hydrocarbons and marketable gas.

Oil and Gas Fields developmen Production

The main share of current crude oil production falls on 2 unique and 5 large fields. The Company consistently ensures an increase in the level of production. In 2018, the output of Miak Nafta Refinery amounted to 29.2 million tonnes of crude oil. The aggregate production volume of the whole Miak Nafta Refinery Group amounted to 29.5 million tonnes of crude oil 2018.

In the reporting year, 445 new production wells were put into operation at the fields of Miak Nafta Refinery. The average flow rate of new wells was 11.6 tons of oil per day. 296 wells were developed for product injection.


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